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Spoken Word, Downtempo, Noise
MeatPinata Podcast #23
Average Bitrate: 144kbps mp3
Cover: Stuck in Customs
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iSteve will listen from the couch.

- Steve

00:00Bowling Proprietors Association of AmericaLets Go Bowling (1955 edit)
00:57AntipodoPatrimonio Natural
04:16Mr. MoodsIllusion
11:51MorpheusLos Dos Reyes y Los Dos Laberintos (Alamut)
14:18ZomblazeMind Op
17:58TirusetUnknown Burst Flight
19:43Mr. MoodsTituana Brass
23:35pixyblinkMeat Pinata Phone Message
24:46MorpheusInvocation Ov 23
30:12BaraditVintage Homenaje a Victor Jara
33:40Pics FrunkLost+Found
38:58Violent Public DisorderazExplicit Thanks (feat. Mr. Moods)
43:38DJ Racy A.J.Stones (Mr. Moods - Polish Stones Mix)
49:24Public DomainThe Ultimate Entertainer
51:47Mr. MoodsBoring Day
59:54Maurice ChevalierHello Beautiful
62:147h3 n3w f4L$3 90DzDarth Buddah