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The Smell of Meat Pinata

Trip-Hop, Dubstep, Electronic
MeatPinata Podcast #18
Average Bitrate: 162kbps mp3
Cover: wackystuff
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I love the smell of meat pinata in the morning.

- Antimon

00:00Lluvia AcidaEl Tunel de las Almas (con Gen)
05:09electro manbednie ludi
05:29The CrossfadersDeep Drop
16:23KaostapesKainBlack and white negatives
16:28various artistsRadio Of Aliens Interlude
16:37DJ Racy A.J (R.A.J) & Violent Public DisorderazE.V.P. (Extremity Mix)
16:41Tree, Bosier feat. KatTrains (Vocal Version)
16:49Maniqui LazerSonic Sex
25:00Sport & MusicTonny Pizzekatto
25:05Essenthy & AutomageddonCompromise
25:25Случившийся Сентябрь (voice by NeA)Пункты Без Начала
25:32Professor KliqAll that Matters
25:33The CrossfadersZero Kill
34:33MadameLove Cuisine
34:34KaostapesKainBlack and white negatives
41:09Случившийся Сентябрь (voice by NeA)Пункты Без Начала
41:52Dataf1owSpread Thin Pt. 2
41:59Tracing ArcsRecovery (HeLo Mix)
42:02Essenthy & AutomageddonCompromise
42:24CooptrolCombat Dance
44:37PhophaMilk City
46:27Dataf1owSpread Thin Pt. 2
46:27Случившийся Сентябрь (voice by NeA)Пункты Без Начала
49:27Essenthy & AutomageddonCompromise
55:40Montserrat Caballe (as Turandot)Nessun Dorma (excerpt from Act III)
55:40CooptrolMundo Irracional
59:39Cleveland Orchestra, George Szell, conductorRide of the Valkyries (edit)
61:39Cleveland Orchestra, George Szell, conductorRide of the Valkyries (edit, noise added, 78 rpm-ified)

Rainbows are Dead

Dubstep, Acid, Downtempo
MeatPinata Podcast #17
Average Bitrate: 156kbps mp3
Cover: Otto Magus
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For dtm.
00:00Flex VectorredRum
04:40WahrkSilver Pining
07:35Black VortexCornered Beast Will Still Fight
13:34Gltch Btchcan never get it right
18:10PisuEl fuego camina conmigo.
25:27The S.K.Tales Of Hell
29:51auxomauxindustrial theme part 2
30:13Flex VectorThe Beat Goes On
36:31NAEMSpringtime Sex
39:32Gltch BtchDa Party Dont Start 'til the Needle Drop
43:39DjCodeSo sexy skit
44:53IcebreakerThe impaler bird
49:37Auxomauxnuclear winter
50:17Mista 93Nostalgic Street Jazz
55:19Groove CerealNothing Is Everything (feat. Mononome)
57:49Maurice ChevalierYou Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me

Rainbows are dead... I like that.

- Robsol

The Wobble Call

Dubstep, Downtempo, Hip-Hop
MeatPinata Podcast #16
Average Bitrate: 148kbps mp3
Cover: Otto Magus
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00:00Mayhem PerceptionOur Tribe Of Insomniacs
06:15StradRusty Beat
09:50Stefan BlackBotFlower Soul
17:05Merlune & DaakoonShadowrun
21:03Stefan BlackBotFlower Soul
21:03Mr. Moods meets Tack-FuBouncing Jazz
23:55KisszantoSurrealism On Tape
23:55Mr. Moods meets Tack-FuBouncing Jazz
23:55MorriarchiPurple Mist
27:47LagunaSolo Un Amor Verdadero Hara Latir Su Corazуn
30:27Jenova 7Inner Space (feat. Hugo Kant)
30:27Jenova 7Heroin (For Dilla)
31:43Jenova 7Inner Space (feat. Hugo Kant)
37:27Nick R 61Electronic Swindle
37:27PisuOrillas Industriales
42:33FrenicIn The Hands of The Computers
43:13FrenicEchos In India
48:39Mad & MaxRockanrolla
54:27ElenikaWant Your Disease
58:12The S.K.Untitled
62:49Eddie CondonEverybody Love's My Baby

I couldn't resist the wobble call.


Show Them A Beaver

Hip-Hop, IDM, Experimental
MeatPinata Podcast #15
Average Bitrate: 152kbps mp3
Cover: ssoosay
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Review at MeatPinata #15 ttp:
00:00Lost Soul RefugeParadise Lost
07:31ResnGirl Girl Boy Boy
10:32Kriipis TuloTitles
13:35GM LabNature Sound Elements
25:55Sleepy Town ManufactureZzujd
33:53ElenikaDevil Girl
38:45FrenicHold The Dark
42:39Revolted ChildThe Process
46:52Mista 93My Way
50:49Revolted ChildBlind
55:26Hank WilliamsYour Cheatin' Heart
58:22Trust.FallsTwo Lane Blacktop

A bear that weighs more than three men is likely to cry when you show them a beaver.

- Robsol