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The Rocket Is Upside Down

Downtempo, Dubstep, Electronic
MeatPinata Podcast #14
Average Bitrate: 159kbps mp3
Cover: x-ray delta one
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00:00Cinturon Negrolo Sentimos
01:06Cinturon Negrodon't Come To My Kitchen With Dat Weak Ass Shit
01:33NonimaForeign Chomsky Wrpdata
03:55Cinturon Negrodon't Come To My Kitchen With Dat Weak Ass Shit
05:01Mayhem PerceptionTalisman De Nuit
11:22Revolted ChildFading Light
16:09Min-Y-LlanA&E Robot
20:13DJ MentosBattered
22:20Ventolyn And BecotydePop Music
24:25Jeb RabidRevengenerator
28:04NonimaThe Collapse
30:19Cinturon Negrosabor
39:53Mayhem PerceptionAdditional Particle
51:49Jeb RabidTie Me Down
56:57Pornophonik PKPanalog
59:17Revolted ChildBlind
63:53LandcrashI Wish I Could Walk Only By Moonlight

Rocket scientists alright, its just that the rocket is upside down.

- Blue_Hell


Downtempo, Hip-Hop, Electronic
MeatPinata Podcast #13
Average Bitrate: 148kbps mp3
Cover: x-ray delta one
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Direct URL: Thing-a-Wacker
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00:00polar y la konsignaintro (somos un grupo de pinguinos)
02:33Tab & AnitekMerlot Downer
03:14ORLvol 00G1
04:25FrenicMoney Ain't No Women
08:25ORLvol 00D2
13:12ProleteRApril Showers
17:39ORLvol 00C1
18:11PisuOrillas Industriales
23:17SokioEstrangeiro (Step II) (Sokio Mix)
26:52Lluvia AcidaEl Tunel de las Almas (con Gen)
31:00ORLvol 00A2
31:31ProleteRA Million Dollar
35:39gultskra artikler - MliniVA Homeworks Part Two: Self-Made Toyz
40:37ProleteRA Million Dollar
46:38PisuEl fuego camina conmigo.
53:54ORLvol 00C2
54:07afionZimmer050.01 - isien
57:44ORLvol 00E1
58:07KisszantoNo Seagull
63:05Ruth EttingShaking The Blues Away
63:05afionZimmer050.03 - not penelope
69:22Fats Waller And His RhythmHoneysuckle Rose
71:56field recording, western aveOutro

erm what is it?

- Antimon

Finally Trouts

Dubstep, Downtempo, Hip-Hop
MeatPinata Podcast #12
Average Bitrate: 139kbps mp3
Cover: Otto Magus
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Review at MeatPinata #12

00:00Somatic ResponsesHatework
05:41Bulimic Orgy & MileLet Me In
08:48FrenicTime Present Now
11:11Bulimic Orgy & MileReverse of The Void
15:02BoomBassBrothersBlue Night
20:59Handy (Jam) OrganizationModern Packaging
21:15Bulimic Orgy & MileBuried Remorse
24:16Somatic ResponsesShinjuku Walk
29:30Handy (Jam) OrganizationFreedom
29:55Somatic ResponsesShinjuku Walk
35:08SkrubzGet Fucked
35:08Handy (Jam) OrganizationVariety
35:22SkrubzGet Fucked
40:46The S.K.Exchanged
40:46Handy (Jam) OrganizationStunning
40:49SkrubzGet Fucked
40:49The S.K.Exchanged
45:53OcoeurTrip hop in the night
48:46FrenicLazy Sunday Stereo
48:46Handy (Jam) OrganizationFestivity To The Marketplace
48:51OcoeurTrip hop in the night
48:51FrenicLazy Sunday Stereo
52:51Bulimic Orgy & MileThings Are Bad
52:51Handy (Jam) OrganizationAdvanced
53:02FrenicLazy Sunday Stereo
53:02Bulimic Orgy & MileThings Are Bad
56:32Louis Jordan and His Tympany FiveWe Can't Agree
59:22Sunrise Black MassNovitiate (16-Bit Demo)

Finally trouts in mibbit.


Shady Looking

Downtempo, Trip Hop, Acid Jazz
MeatPinata Podcast #11
Average Bitrate: 149kbps mp3
Cover: botgirlq
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Review at MeatPinata #11

00:00FrenicPhonographic Introduction
03:26Zanex DissociationSword In The Stone II
06:32Tab & AnitekChatterMask
09:03Ray GarridoDespertares
15:52FrenicEverything Electric
19:45Crabnebula03 computer music for human beings
22:40MizontiqOpen The Door
25:01bad loopNth
30:15FrenicThe Monolith
32:53Crabnebula04 fui arkakor
36:06Julie MoffittSlow (Mr. Moods & Violent Public Disorderaz Down Mix)
45:48DJ Racy A.J (R.A.J) & Violent Public DisorderazE.V.P. (Extremity Mix)
49:55Mr. MoodsThe Only One (feat. Violent Public Disorderaz)
54:52AtmogatNeutro Bionic
60:04Ruth EttingShaking The Blues Away
63:11AtmogatNeutro Bionic

All it seems to have following it is shady looking russian ladies.

- EdisonRex