Alchemical Texts

Downtempo, Dubstep, Chillout
MeatPinata Podcast #7
Average Bitrate: 154kbps mp3
Cover: Otto Magus
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00:00QualooDBoomker Traps
04:17Tete LeguiaBaby Mermaid Cola
05:34Somatic ResponsesMutating Virus
09:27EsbeFallen Star
12:38Banyek67-es Dubstep
16:25EugeneKhaFinal Passage
19:51iky ikyken la kalama pona tawa sina
23:54Ambient AnonymousCast Out This Wicked Dream That Has Seized My Heart
25:45Latex DistortionShitprickpop
29:55Jeff Cloke09 Nasturtium
35:38AfionZimmer003.6 - night walk
40:12AndromedeFunky Acid Shit
44:44MizontiqThe Walls Have Ears
47:07Somatic ResponsesCymrojunk
53:03EsbeHeartbeat (Pt .2)
57:56Bradley The BuyerNew Alamut

Not everyone has to read alchemical texts or study superconducting biomolecules to make the transition. Most people make it naively by thinking clearly about the present at hand, but we intellectuals are trapped in a world of too much information. Innocence is gone for us.

- Terence McKenna