Your Sofa Issue

Downtempo, Acid, Lounge
MeatPinata Podcast #6
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Cover: juliana.moraes
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00:00Alexander ChereshnevVanishing Memories
09:56Nick R 61Sy Te Kalter
12:53NonimaInternal Fracture
21:47Nina KardecFunk Your Acid Booty
27:02aleksi virtaCosmos Bossa
31:21OdaibeSputnik Dub Overdrive
38:16Alexander ChereshnevParfois (featuring MiElle)
45:09TimothyPEerie Arizona (featuring DRE)
48:09XZICDPuffy Nipples
57:24XZICDThe Flying Sausage Conundrum
61:10Alexander ChereshnevNon Mi Ricordo (feat. SackJo22)

You buy furniture, you tell yourself, this is the last sofa I will ever need in my life. buy the sofa, then for a couple of years you're satisfied that no matter what goes wrong, at least you've got your sofa issue handled, then the right set of dishes, then the perfect bed. The drapes. The rug.

- Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club (1996)