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Medicine Show

Downtempo, Dubstep, Electronic
Meatpinata Podcast #03
Average Bitrate: 160kbps mp3
Cover: ellenm1
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Review at Meatpinata #03

The third meat pinata podcast. Still figuring this out and adapting my scripts and such. Bare with me. Not even listened to this myself yet!
00:00Alexei De BronheIgrushki
00:34MadameLove Cuisine
07:52marquis libertycommon area - 1.29.08
10:44Mad & MaxRockanrolla
16:06Mike KiddThe Grind
20:45Min-Y-LlanYou Always Fuck With My MindBox
24:04Leon Somov Feat. JazzuButterfly (Eneftze Remix)
27:26OcoeurLes rêves d'Alice
33:36T.N.K.D!Summer Feel '08
39:39DJ LeadERLSD Bad Trip
43:23afionParfum Gothique
48:01DjCodeJourney to the moon
52:01PJ WaldmanOdalisca
52:15PJ WaldmanTripoli
59:13Sunny JuneSitar Dream

For approximately 500 years [science's] argument for its pre-eminence was that it could create beautiful toys: aircraft, railroads, global economies, television, spacecraft. But that is a fool’s argument for truth! I mean, that’s after all how a medicine show operates, you know: the juggler is so good, the medicine must be even better! This is not an entirely rational way to proceed.

- Terence McKenna